Golledge Introduces a New 32.768kHz TCXO

Happy to announce that our partner Golledge has introduced a brand new TCXO offering extreme stability at 32.768kHz viz. GTXO-94. The GTXO-94 temperature compensated oscillator features an ultra-miniature 3225 form factor package and is available in a range of supply voltages from 1.8 to 3.3V. Providing frequency stability as tight as ±5ppm at 32.768kHz, the GTXO-94 is an excellent component for use as a real-time clock reference as it combines excellent stability with extremely low power consumption from just 0.79uA. It is an ideal timing solution for use within a portable and battery-powered devices such as smart meters and data loggers. The GTXO-94G (1.8V), GTXO-94J (2.5V), GTXO-94N (3.0V) and GTXO-94L (3.3V) are all available to order now.