Vitek Display

Chairman and our team have over 10 years experience in LCD display market & technical field. We hold market trends and latest knowledge information of LCD display Module at anytime. Therefore, our products are highly acceptable in the market. At the beginning of operating, we manufactured TN, STN modules. In addition, we design, develop and manufacture ODM and OEM LCMs for customize design, which Customized data sheet, tagging label and package are included. Following market trends, we dedicated in research& development and manufacture of small to medium size TFT market& technical field. Thus, ViTEK, in 2012 spreads our new technical for TFT + control Board. We expect that this new innovation would bring you more convenient and more satisfaction for your products application of design.

Product Offerings

  • Character Module

  • Graphic Module

  • COG Module

  • TFT Module

  • OLED Modules

  • AD Board

  • Control board

  • Custom LCD Modules

  • LCD Number Display

  • Technical