HLT RF Connectors

Huang Liang is a manufacturer of coaxial connectors, adapters and cable assemblies. We provide solutions to different industries including military, telecommunication and aerospace.
  • Over 30 years of experiences in developing and designing RF products, Huang Liang has overcome many challenges with our expertise on RF field. We are confident to manufacture high quality products and find the solutions for our customers.
  • Huang Liang has a professional engineering team which enables customers to get timely advice and provide mechanical and electrical support. Therefore, it will make design process fluency and time-saving.
  • As increasing request for personalized products and to achieve customers' satisfaction and various requirements, we offer customized service not only little modification but also compeletely new design.

With RF expertise, various products and customer-first attitude, Huang Liang will be the reliable and valued partner and supplier.

Product Offerings

  • Connector

  • Adapter

  • Cable assembly

  • Machining Parts