HLT 8K Resolution – 75 ohm 12GHz BNC Type N

In pursuit of high-quality visual experience, 8K becomes the keyword for broadcast industry now. That is, the demand for 75ohm connectors and adapters are increasing. Besides, wide frequency range is critical factor to achieve higher data transfer speed and larger capacity. Thus, HLT develops 12 GHz 75ohm N, BNC, TNC adapters to fulfill customers' needs. What is 8K? K refers to the number of horizontal lines on the screen. For example, 8K has 8000 lines (7680 actually). 8K offers 7680 x 4320 pixels and it also refers to 4320p. If you watch video in huge screen, you will see 8K image is smooth and vivid like a real world because of high pixel density displays. Why develop 12GHz connector and adapter for 8K resolution? Because of huge megapixels like 8K, the high transmission rate and wide bandwidth is required. Thus, 12GHz connectors and cable assemblies can accommodate large signals and speed up the transmission. How manufacturers handle this bandwidth of 8K is to use 16 coax cables with 3G. However, using just 4 of 12G cable assemblies will enable manufacturers to save space and cost.